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So me and my friends are wanting to start up a Youtube Channel and we had this idea for a quick intro for the videos. I don't it would last any more than 15 seconds the most. I know that animating can be time consuming so I'm certianly not expecting it to be free. But if your instrested in doing it let me know :)

YT Intro Storyboard by ashleybennett93
So I've been playing around with the Pokémon kit for RPG Maker and wanted to have a go at making a little game. I wanted to make a region that is loosely based of Britain. Instead of the typical story of being a kid starting a journey. You will already be a champion and have left your home region to take on new adventures. The game begins on a boat as you travel to the new region. Though you leave your Pokémon on the boat and have to start anew.

Since I wanted to base it on Britain I had a few ideas. For example the Capital City could have a Gym featured in a Subway. There could be a gym that takes place in a University and there could be a lake area near the north of the map. 

Would love some ideas and help. If you have any request or anything I'm sure I could put you in as a Trainer or an NPC or something :) 
So me and my friends are planning on starting a Youtube channel together and had an idea for a quick intro for our videos.

Unfortunately when its come to Flash or just animating in general I'm not really that good at it. I totally understand how stressful and time consuming animating can be (attempted it at college) so if it's not free that's fine.

So I made a little mock up of what we had in mind (bare in mind this was made in Paint so don't expect expert levels of drawing here.)

But let me know if your interested. Would totally to see this vision come to life :)

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Ashley Bennett
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narutokunobessed Featured By Owner Edited Feb 11, 2015  Student General Artist
Hey Ashley Bennet, I just want to let you know that you wanted to try out voice acting and I haven't  gotten a reply back yet. I told all the voices people it was due  by monday or today Wenesday, and I need another voice to balance out the one I have. Im willing to wait, as Ive made place holders in my editing incase I want to switch out, and Ill edit the one I have. 
In the mean time just check your note and do the script.
ashleybennett93 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Student Photographer
Hey. so sorry. I was working nights lately so I've pretty much been sleeping through out the day. Hope your project goes well :)
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